Wedding Tenuta San Masseo

Wedding Tenuta San Masseo

Joanna & James 

A Fairytale Wedding in the Heart of Italy

Joanna and James. Two souls overflowing with love and zest for life, their dream of an Italian wedding landed them at our doorstep. From the very beginning, it was clear this wasn’t just a wedding; it was a love story waiting to be unveiled beneath the Umbrian  sun.

Their vision was as captivating as their love: a venue steeped in breathtaking landscapes, a setting so romantic it would whisper “yes” for them. They craved a celebration that was simple yet stunning, where the natural beauty of Italy would take center stage. Flowers and table settings would be elegant whispers, not loud shouts.

We knew exactly how to craft their dream. The ceremony would be an intimate affair, the focus solely on Joanna and James gazing into each other’s eyes, their vows a testament to their unwavering love. To truly immerse their guests in the moment, we positioned the celebrant to the side, allowing the couple to face their loved ones, creating a ceremony brimming with heartfelt emotions.

But the magic wasn’t confined to the ceremony. We knew James and Joanna wanted to tantalize their guests with the true essence of Italian cuisine. After a delightful aperitivo, they would embark on a culinary journey under the stars. Laughter and joy would fill the air as they danced the night away, capped off by a whimsical cake cutting featuring the most adorable penguin toppers (a hint to their playful personalities!).

And then, the grand finale – a dazzling fireworks display that would paint the night sky with shimmering lights, the perfect prelude to an unforgettable dance party that stretched into the early hours.

Joanna and James’s wedding was a symphony of love, breathtaking beauty, and pure, unadulterated joy. It was a privilege to be a part of their happily ever after, a love story forever etched in the heart of Italy.

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