Wedding at Villa Miani

Wedding at Villa Miani

Sara & Giuseppe

Roman Elegance: A Wedding Story Steeped in History and Beauty

Imagine a wedding where elegance whispered in every detail, a celebration as timeless as the city of Rome itself. Such was the love story of Sara and Giuseppe, a couple who craved a day that reflected their sophisticated tastes.

Our journey began with a vision: a wedding bathed in elegance, with every step a testament to their love. Sara, a picture of grace, dreamt of a day that mirrored her own inner beauty. The venue? The incomparable Villa Miani, a jewel nestled in the heart of Rome. Its breathtaking facade and panoramic views needed no embellishment – it was a declaration of grandeur in itself. We knew then, that simplicity would be the key to unlocking the full potential of this magical space.

For Sara’s preparations, Villa Miani became a haven. Surrounded by loved ones, laughter filled the air as hair and makeup were transformed into artistry. The anticipation was palpable, a beautiful crescendo leading to the moment they would become one.

The ceremony unfolded within the sacred walls of a unique church, its circular design ensuring every guest a perfect view of the love story unfolding before them. Tears mingled with smiles as vows were exchanged, sealing a bond that transcended time.

As dusk settled, Villa Miani transformed into a wonderland for the reception. Two hundred guests, gathered from across the country (and perhaps even beyond!), became part of this fairytale. We created a vibrant tapestry with imperial tables and round tables, weaving movement within the opulent setting. Candlelight flickered on tabletops, adorned with minimalist floral arrangements – a testament to the power of simplicity to create breathtaking elegance and romance.

And then came the moment everyone awaited: the cutting of the cake. Fireworks erupted, painting the night sky with a symphony of light. It was a moment sculpted for magic, a memory etched in stardust. Every guest gasped, captivated by the spectacle as the photographer captured the wonder reflected in their eyes.

Sara and Giuseppe’s wedding was a masterclass in understated elegance. It was a tapestry woven with history, breathtaking beauty, and a love that shone brighter than any firework. It was a day that whispered, “forever starts now,” and left an imprint on every heart it touched.


Entertainment : Marlu Creative 

Flower Arrengement : Sartoria Floreale

Make up and hair : Giorgia Bertoldi 



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